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(Français) Aventure Jeu Fifrelin “connaît la musique”

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Adventure game "Fifrelin knows about music"

The adventure game "Fifrelin knows about music" is 1½ hours of fun for families with children age 6-8 years. "The festival of spring is here, and Goliath, Lorita and Moufie make the whole forest dance! But disaster strikes - Moufie disappears...."

Kit yourself out with the adventure game bag "Fifrelin knows about music" and plenty of courage, skill and speed, and set off in search of Moufie...will you find her ? Knows more about the landscape of the area on the Fenille footpath of 2,5 km without difficulties. Game for sale at the Tourist Office

Départ : Sentier de Fenille
01310 Saint-Martin-le-Châtel

Telephone : 04 74 25 48 74


From 01/01 to 31/12.


Play-bag Fifrelin : 9,50 € (max 6 persons).


Pets welcome